Equilibrium Spa

Treatments & Philosophy

 Welcome to the AK Equine Equilibrium Spa, where we offer innovative Rehabilitation Solutions and Refreshing Spa Treatments.

Equilibrium is introducing the winning Concept of Hydrotherapy for both Rehabilitation as well as for the Management of Healthy Horses to increase Performance and minimize actual risk of injury and re-injury. 

We cater to injured and healthy Horses of all Disciplines. Through Hydrotherapy and Body Health Management we condition healthy Top Competition as well as Leisure Horses. 

We work with  controlled Exercise Programs that include Swimming & Aqua Training. 

Our Programs are designed to not strain Joints, Tendons or Ligaments. Subsequently, building a healthy tone whilst rehabilitating from injuries.  

In the Spa

  • 33m Straight pool
  • iDots Aqua Trainer
  • Equine Weight Scale
  • Roewer & Rueb Solarium with Blow Dryer 
  • Warm Water Grooming / Massage Area 

For Fun and Relaxation 

*Spa Packages 

  • St. Moritz 
  • Bad Ragaz 
  • Matterhorn

Please inquire for Prices during Office Hours when making a Reservation about the availability and suitability of these Treatments for your Horse. 

All Packages come with Complimentary Champagne for accompanying Owner.

Stay, enjoy and watch! Or come back and pick up your refreshed Horse. 

On request we can also pick up and deliver your Horse.

 *Radius not exceeding 60km*

                                                                                            equi·lib·ri·um - A state of Balance 

Swiss Approach

  • Reliable & Customer Orientated 
  • Hygienic and impeccably clean Areas 
  • Customized Spa Scent
    • "Ginger Lime"
  • Attentive and Friendly Disposition
  • Calm and Patient Interaction with Clients and Animals 
  • Punctual Service