AK Equine Swiss Spa – Equilibrium Stables caters to injured Horses of all Disciplines as well as introducing the winning Concept of Hydrotherapy and Body/Balance (Health) Management in conditioning healthy Top Competition as well as Leisure Horses. 

Equilibrium – balanced horse = healthy horse = increased performance = decreased risk of injury. 

Our Treatments and Services are the base for specific Weekly or Monthly Management Programs for increased fitness, easier conditioning and decreased risk of injury & re-injury. 

16 Royal Stables await your injured Equine for Short  or Long Term Rehabilitation as well as Weekly drop-in Conditioning Programs. 

Our Spa Treatments are a great way to Reward and Recover your hard working Horse after Competitions or periods of strenuous exercise. Nothing more refreshing than swimming or a great Massage with Aromatherapy.

The outstanding, Stately and quiet Facilities are well located in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands and are run by Professional Staff and assisted by Equine Industry Professionals for ultimate Regeneration and Relaxation for your prized Equine. 

    equi·lib·ri·um - A state of Balance 


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