AK Equine Team


Alessya Kaiser

Marieke Aldenzee

Marieke Aldenzee

Managing Director and Founder of

AK Equine Int. GmbH and AK Equine Swiss Spa B.V.

Owner of Equilibrium Stables.

BSc (Hons) Equine Science 

University of West of England, Bristol 

Hartpury College 

Class of 2016

K-Laser Certified 2017 

International Science Baccalaureate 

Class of 2013

ZIS, Zurich, Switzerland 

Languages Spoken:

German, Swiss German


Dutch (Learning)


Marieke Aldenzee

Marieke Aldenzee

Marieke Aldenzee

 Equine Spa Assistant & Groom 

Hi, I am 27 years old and I live in Ysselsteyn (LI). Since I was young I was riding Horses and that interest in them has changed from Hobby to Work. 

I studied Horse and Leisure at the Equestrian Center in Deurne. After my studies I worked for a long time as a Showgroom, so I have been to a lot of International Shows with the highlight being a Five Star World Cup Qualification in Oympia London. 

When I decided to live together with my boyfriend, I wanted to stay in the Netherlands. I ended up in a Trading Stable, where I worked as a Stable Manager. I arranged appointments with Veterinarians, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Farriers etc. I also managed the rest of the Staff and took care of all the Horses with a lot of Passion and Love. 

The opening of Equilibrium has awakened my interest because of the many possibilities that the Company offers. I now work here with a lot of joy as well and hope to be able to continue growing in my functions in the future. 

I dare to say that with my experience I am a good addition to the Team! 

My motivation is of Paramount importance and due to my skills and perfectionism, both Horses and Accommodations are always looking perfect!

 equi·lib·ri·um - A state of Balance